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Exploring Dental Implants Cost and
Affordable Financing Solutions

Dental implants cost at our Totowa, NJ, practice depends on several different factors, including the size of your restoration and the number of posts it will require. At Perfect Smiles, LLC, a single implant-supported crown will usually cost around $2,995, while a full implant-supported denture will run around $14,995. While these costs may seem high at first, they represent an important investment in your oral health. Plus, implants could save you a significant amount over the years. Drs. Ryan Maher and Joe Olechowski offer several financing options to help you afford the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve.

The Upfront Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts that will replace your tooth roots to uphold a crown, bridge, or denture. Your exact costs will vary based on your specific procedure. For example, if you have suffered bone recession, you may need an initial bone graft or sinus lift. These surgeries are priced separately. Further, if you receive sedation during your surgery, these medications will affect your final costs. However, most patients find that with Dr. Maher’s gentle techniques, local anesthesia is sufficient.

Cost Type of Restoration
$2,995 An implant-supported crown requires just one dental implant
$7,900 An implant-supported removable denture requires four implant posts
$14,995 A screw-retained, implant-supported denture requires six implant posts

Why Invest in Dental Implants?

At first, the cost of dental implants may seem high, especially when you look at the price of other types of restorations. Nevertheless, implants offer benefits that traditional prosthetics simply cannot rival. First, they are more secure than removable bridges and dentures. Because they will not shift in your mouth, you can eat freely without worrying about dietary restrictions. The attached restorations will also be more realistic than a removable restoration. 

While dental implants costs may seem high at first, they represent an important investment in your oral health. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of dental implants is that they can prevent jawbone recession. Missing teeth cause the bone to recede because your dental roots no longer provide stimulation to the jaw. Implants, however, perform this same function. By triggering new bone growth, they can also protect your remaining teeth, preventing future tooth loss. For this reason, implants can save you money in the long run because you are far less likely to need additional restorative care. Although your restoration may eventually need to be replaced, implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

Financing Options

Often, insurance will cover part of your implants cost. For instance, your plan may finance a portion of your treatment equal to the price of a standard bridge or denture. Then you will need to pay for the rest out of pocket.

CareCredit and Lending Club 

We believe that all our patients should have access to this outstanding restorative treatment, and we offer a number of financing solutions to help place treatment within reach. CareCredit® and Lending Club® are third-party medical financing companies which offer fixed and low-interest rate plans. In some cases, you may even qualify for no-interest financing.

In-House Plans

Our team can help you explore these options and file any necessary paperwork. We also extend in-house financing on a select, case-by-case basis. For example, if your implants treatment lasts six months, you may be able to space out your payments over this time.

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