dental assistant  Wendy

Wendy found her passion for the dental field through her love for helping others feel confident smiling. She began this journey after taking multiple certifications and courses for cosmetic teeth whitening, tooth jewelry, jewelry making, and gold casting. She then found her love for dental lab work where she enjoys carving, creating, and casting custom gold grillz and other trendy tooth jewelry pieces. After almost 5 years servicing clients in salons around North NJ she eventually created a product delivering amazing results via her very own whitening brand. Her only goal was to build passive income for her daughter while making a  difference. Having originally been in the legal field of studies Wendy decided to switch career paths to hygiene after finishing both her paralegal studies & pre law degrees. She is currently completing pre reqs to enter a dental hygienist program this year while also working as a dental assistant . She spends all of her free time with her daughter, creating, having fun, servicing clients, continuing education, and leading by example.
A quote that changed my perspective. Time passes with or without your passions.