Hygienist Kristin

Kristin’s interest in healthcare is what led her into the dental field.  Graduating in 2010 from Bergen Community College where she earned her Dental Hygiene degree, Kristin knew that dentistry was her passion.  Currently, Kristin is working hard at obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene to expand her career in dentistry.

Kristin has been a welcome addition to the Perfect Smiles family since 2011 and continues to grow with office. She is extremely devoted to her profession and enjoys working along her team.  Patients are well aware of her skill and determination to deliver the best possible care always.  Patient advocacy is what Kristin is passionate about, and she works endlessly to build confidence and trust with each patient and help make treatment as comfortable as possible so everyone always leaves with a smile.

 When not working or studying, Kristin is a new mom and loves spending time with her family.  She also prides herself in eating healthy and staying fit.