Hygienist Melissa

  • Born in Northern New Jersey, Melissa Iacovo Graduated from Hawthorne High School. From there she pursued her passion for the dental field. She began this journey in 2007.  In just 5 years Melissa conquered the knowledge of the entire dental office.  So not only does she know about dental insurance, billing, customer relations, scheduling, team work, assisting, ordering, but now she has mastered patient care. 
  • Being in the profession since she was in high school and knowing at a young age that she wanted to work in the dental field, as a dental hygienist is what gave Melissa the drive to complete her goals.
  • Passionate and compassionate defines Melissa to a tee. She strives to be the best and to learn and grow every day.  Melissa has the unique gift that many see immediately.  That is she listens, understands, and relates to a patient within minutes.  Her personality in and out of the office is one that always shows a big smile.
  • Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and remains active with her health as well as with her community.